Saturday, May 31, 2008

17,000 foot camp

Call from Steve this morning. Steve , Ben, and George made it up to 17,000 yesterday after a very hard carry. They picked up the cache at 16,300 on the way, so packs were verry heavy.
Last night they choked down an awful freeze-dried dinner of chicken and dumplings. They brought 6 days of food with them, but hope it will be extra. They slept reasonably well.

Peter summited yesterday and headed down today to 14,000 where he will meet up with Andy and they will hike out together.

Paul started out with Peter, but got cold hands and for safety turned back. He plans to go up with the other 3 tommorrow, weather permitting. Today is a beautiful day so they considered going for the summit today, but they were all tired due to the trip yesterday and we hope for another day of good weather tommorrow. Packs will be as light as possible on the way to the top.


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Anonymous said...

Okay, crunch time. My sense is that, having lived on the mountain for a week or more, you will know if the weather window is wide enough. Choose your moment. Look at the conditions. Make a serious, calculated decision and throw everything you have at it, knowing that at any moment things change and you are capable of adapting. In the end, you will have the best story of your life (to date and notwithstanding your decision to marry the woman of your dreams, of course). As i sit here, I have tremendous altitude envy, because I know the view must be unmistakenly remarkable. Enjoy the moment for what it it.

Your friend in the eternal pursuit of transitory pleasure,