Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Election Day- May 20, 2008

Steve called at 9:30pm. The team is camped at 11,000 feet. They are all in the cook tent sipping tea, almost ready for bed. They all feel good today. It was sunny much of the day and is a little snowy now.

They have reorganized and have left a bunch of extra food to decrease the weight for tomorrow's trip up to leave a cache at 13,200 around windy corner. They are on schedule as planned.

They had a good burrito dinner and a large greasy breakfast of bacon and eggs. Even Andy ate the bacon!

" One day at a time" per Steve.


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Danielle said...

Sounds like Andy is doing better. He eats bacon at 11,000 ft on Denali and a Snickers bar at 16,000 ft in Nepal! Maybe he isn't such a strict health food nut after all or he is a closet carnivore, candy bar eater; I'm not sure which. Danielle