Friday, May 30, 2008

The team splits

When Andy called this morning, Peter and Paul were heading up to the summit. GORCA (Steve, Ben and George) were heading to high camp (17,000). Andy is feeling really good, but they all decided that it was safer if he did not go for high camp. Even though his knee is a lot better, the headwall is very steep and strenuous, and there is no margin for error. Also, since he was unable to take a cache up to 16,300 when the others did, his load would be unrealistically heavy. He is a little disappointed but safety comes first. GORCA may be able to summit by Sunday or Monday. Andy hopes to join Peter and Paul as they descend and come home earlier.



lori said...

Thanks for keeping us "on top of things!" I have been hoping to hear from my brother, George, today, but nothing yet. Lori

Schubert said...

I know you must be frustrated, Andy. you tried and it was no fault of your own. Years ago I tried to climb Mt. Hood solo. I got very close to the top and realized what I was doing was dangerous and foolish. I decided to come down. I am proud of both the try and the decision.