Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hill climbing with sleds

It has been very cold, well below zero each night. It was -5 this morning as they were packing. They hiked up Motorcycle Hill which was quiet long, took a short break then went up Squirrel Hill, which was even steeper. Fortunately it was not windy as they went through Windy Corner. They buried their cache at 13,500 and went back to the camp at 11,000. The 2 teams travelled together today. On the way down, Andy started feeling back and knee pain, and when they got to camp he had a muscle spasm in his lower back with pain radiating down his leg and a swollen knee. They decided to assess the situation in the morning. -Danielle

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Kerry Ketcham said...

These "hills" sound reasonable, is there a motorcycle tow service up there? One step at a time, eat, rest, and drink often.
Best of luck !

Kerry K.