Monday, May 26, 2008

There is something to be said for youth!

Team GAP is now PP and ORCA has become GORCA. Today Paul and Peter, both in their 20's, decided to go from 14,200 to 17,000 in one carry. PP will then go for the summit tomorrow and then spend a few days at 17,000 waiting out the next storm. George, who is closer to 50, has joined Steve and Ben. Today they did a carry to 16,300 and returned to 14,200. The snow was frozen and it was hard work just getting their crampons to grip. They did well but are exhausted. They'll wait until Wed. or Thurs. to pick up their cache on their way to 17,000, then rest one day, do the summit, rest at 17,000 again, and then rejoin Andy at 14,200. By then Andy will know everyone at camp and he'll have taught them all the nifty ways one could rewire their house or the wonders of the CatGenie!!!! His knee is still swollen, but he can walk ok. The medics will tape it before they come down.


Steven said...

"Something to be said for youth"?!

Unfortunately, when it comes to climbing mountains there's everything to be said for youth.

Steven said...

Oh, yeah.....

and GORCA sounds like a '50s Japanese monster movie.

"GORCA vs Mothra"

Anonymous said...

Ben's boss called him an old wuss, others in the office praise the wisdom of age, all us 50-somethings say it beats dying young.

Ben's co-workers