Saturday, May 24, 2008

Playing Cards at 14,200 ft.

There is a significant storm; at 14,200 the winds are 40mph, but at 17,000 and above they are 90-110mph, therefore they are staying put for a few days. Also, they expect 6 inches of snow and a chilly 5 below tonight. They have enough food to wait out this storm, but it may last until Thursday. If there is a break in the weather they'll take a cache up to 16,300. This next part is very steep, a 50 degree slope with fixed lines. Andy's back is fine and his knee is improving but considering he'll still have to hike out he's pretty sure that he won't make it to the summit. He hopes to be able to go to 16,300. They are happy and relatively warm in their tent. Dinner was a scrumptous fried bagel with turkey salami and cheese! Steve is losing the card game of hearts, but he says that Andy's cheating and Ben's changing the rules.

For those who asked- the nurse's name is Shelley and she is a "sweetie" per Andy.

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