Sunday, June 1, 2008

Back in Talkeetna

Peter and Andy made it out to Talkeetna today. Peter came down from high camp at 11:30 on Saturday, picked up Andy and we hiked down to the 7,800 ft camp (a 9,000 foot descent for Peter and 6,000 for Andy). Andy's knee was a little wobbly and Peter had some ankle pain he has been fighting the whole trip, but we did OK. We got up early on Sunday and made it to base camp by noon today (after one last push up heartbreak hill). Unfortunately, it was total white out and snowing, so we thought we'd have to wait overnight at basecamp. But all of a sudden it cleared and multiple planes took nearly everyone down to Talkeetna. Now we've had a shower, a pizza and two beers and we're pretty happy. We weren't able to reach the other four on the radio, so we're hoping they are safe and get to the summit.

Andy and Peter

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Charles said...

So, I take it that wasn't freeze-dried pizza and beer?! Glad you're down safe and sound. Sounds like it was an incredible adventure, despite the disappointments. Give yourselves a pat on the back, and send/post pictures soon!