Monday, May 19, 2008

Hiking to Camp 2

Sunday night they slept at 7,800. Monday they carried the second half of their gear to Camp 2, passing their cache at 10,500. Today was very hard, especially for Andy. Steve and Ben helped out by carrying some of his weight, later in the day, however after resting for an hour at Camp 2 he regained some energy. He believes the problem was slight dehydration on Sunday. Tuesday they get to sleep in since they only have to hike down 500ft. to get their cache. Wednesday will be difficult as they will haul half their gear up to 13,700 ft. then return to sleep at 11,000. Danielle


Oregon Dem said...

Glad to read the updates and will make sure to check in as often as I can. Maybe Andy should make a little "lumbar support" out of that fresh snow that fell before he tries to curl up in his sleeping bag?

Just a silly thought.

Good luck guys.

Ed Druback
(aka Oregon Dem)

Charles said...

We're pulling for you Andy. Maybe you should drink that water instead of carrying it up the mountain and pouring it out! Seriously, good luck, especially on Wed!

Charles and fam

Anonymous said...

Can't imagine what its going to be like as team increase altitude. Avoid the HAPE and HACE. Ben's co-workers are wishing the best of luck for the team.

Kerry Ketcham said...

Where are those porters when you need them ? Mountaineering is the art of suffering. It sounds like you guys are suffering in style. All that gear and food will pay off in the long run. Keep up the good hard work.

Kerry K.