Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hanging out in camp

Trivia quiz question of the day.

What items belong in a sleeping bag?
a. 2 water bottles
b. 1 thermos
c. 2 boot liners
d. nasal spray
e. pee bottle
f. Ipod and head phones
g. batteries
h. camera
i. booties
j. wet socks
k. all of the above

Andy, Steve, Ben and George are all resting in camp today. Peter and Paul stayed up at 17,000 last night and tried today to go for the summit today but were turned back due to high winds.

Most important gear of the day is a zipper. Apparently this was a big focus of Ben's day. No further details of the issue, save to say all is working well.

The team got a bunch of food from the climbing for Christ group so it has been like Halloween( Isn't that a heathen holiday) ; they have eaten well.
Andy has been tremendous moral support. All are feeling well. They are waiting on better weather and feel they are well positioned if they get a break in the weather.

After speaking with Danielle, I got information from the satellite phone company- they had used 115 minutes as of 5 days ago. They had initally purchased 250 minutes. Anticipating that they may still have had about 70 to 100 minutes left, I purchased an additional 150 minutes, to leave them plenty so as not to worry about each call.


P.S. Trivia Quiz answer: k


Anonymous said...

Team - just wanted to wish you all a big Army HOOAH!!! This is an AMAZING thing you are doing. Be safe, have fun, and keep the pics and comments coming. Someday in my dreams I'd love to do something like this!! ...Bev Hawkswell

Schubert said...

From Schubert:

There is something about going to extremes. A certain clarity comes and it, that clarity, is the real goal, never the end. When everything else is removed but the goal and the actions designed to achieve the goal, existence becomes spare, elegant, therefore, beautiful. It is then that clarity comes.