Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Steve Vortex

Quiz #2. The essential piece of gear for the day is:
a. tent?
b. tape?
c. balaclava?

#3. In twenty words, or less, explain the phenomenon of the Steve Vortex.__________________________________________

It's very windy again. Peter & Paul are hunkered down at 17,000, they couldn't attempt the summit today. The other 4 are getting blasted by 50mph winds with horizontal snow. Steve & George reinforced the snow wall, while Andy and Ben made dinner. It was fair(?)as Steve and George needed exercise, since they didn't join Andy and Ben on their foray up to 15,000. Andy was very happy to make the trip; viewing camp from above was really cool; plus he enjoyed having "Shelley" tape up his knee. Thursday will be another "rest" day; they hope to go to 17,000 on Friday. The weather looks better through Monday.

There is an Italian group who is hoping to set the speed record for climbing Denali. They have people and tents set up at each camp (although their tent at 17,000 blew away) and one guy with minimal gear hopes to climb form the start to the top in 10 hours with their support. Sounds really insane to me.

Happy 70th Birthday to Mrs. Naxera, from your son and everyone else at 14,000 feet!!!

Ben sends his love to Bobbi for their anniversary this Saturday!!!

Answers: The balaclava. The Steve Vortex: the phenomenon where all lost items seem to make their way to Steve's corner of the tent.

In summary, all are fine but going a bit stir crazy. Danielle

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Emma Snodgrass said...

Thanks for keeping us up-to-date Danielle. The Google home page today has a likeness of a couple of people at the sumit of a mountain with their picks raised in victory. Even Google's watching ORCA! Give good wishes to Andy from DEQ staff--Emma